Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seven Things God Does Not Know

When I was either a senior in high school or a freshman in college (about 25 years ago), my pastor preached a sermon entitled "Seven Things God Does Not Know". I was captivated by the title and wrote down all seven points. I carried that piece of paper for years until I eventually lost it. Well, the lost has been found. (Cleaning up and packing does have a way of bringing things to the surface.) I want to share these seven things with my readers just because I think they are interesting and so maybe I won't misplace them again. :-) (Verses in parentheses were found by me.)

Hey, Bro. Maxie, you should be proud I remembered that sermon after all these years! :-)


ru4real @ Healthy Life said...

Great list, Drewe Llyn! I'm glad you found it and shared it. Some sermons have real sticking power, don't they? I just wrote a post listing 10 Good Things Found In Hell. Does it surprise you as much as it did me to hear that there are good things in Hell?

kmac1113 said...

Good Morning Ms. Drewe Llyn,
Thought you would appreciate knowing that "7 things God does not know" became the topic of discussion at the shop this morning and there were several individuals who needed to hear the Word!