Saturday, August 25, 2007

Investing or Grace? What's the Motivation?

I'm not sure why, but over the last month or so my mind has been truly pondering this concept called grace. Perhaps it is because my dear friend lives in "Grace-land", or perhaps the Holy Spirit is teaching me something new. (Or both!) I've been trying to put those "Grace-thoughts" into words and have been doing a poor job of it...but I thought I'd be real and do some ramblings about it here.

Do we invest in people's lives consciously, or unconsciously, hoping for something in return?

In return for support, comfort, promotion, favor, loyalty, good will?

Do we ever subconsciously think, "So-and-so owes me (any of the above) because I did this-or-that for her?"

If that is the case, those acts of kindness we do are truly "investments” into human bank accounts as we seek a "return" of some kind no matter how big or small. Pay back is expected or anticipated.


If we pour ourselves into people simply because Christ’s love compels us to meet a need (either emotionally, physically, financially, or even spiritually by offering godly counsel);

If we give of ourselves freely to those who may eventually betray us, to those who have no power to reciprocate;

If we bestow acts of kindness into people truly without any hope or thought of "return" (not even a "thank you"), we go against worldly wisdom truly becoming conduits of God's abundant grace.

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Gayle said...

These are great thoughts, girl. I am going to chew on this some more because I think you have touched upon something pretty big.