Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wonderful Weekend!

(Atlanta from my hotel room)

God just blessed my socks off this past weekend! Cassie (my 16 year old daughter)) and I went with a small group from our church to Atlanta for a Beth Moore/Women of Faith Conference. Having Cassie share the experience was almost more than my heart could hold.

I'm not one prone to tears (unless my feelings are hurt), so it amazes even me that I spent the entire Beth Moore Conference crying from either extreme laughter or an extreme touch from God. I could feel the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit from the moment I walked into the Arena. It shouldn't have surprised me when Beth said she had asked God to fill the Arena with His emotional presence that day.

I thought my "toes" were safe when the topic was "Comfort". I thought, "How can there be anything convicting in the topic of 'Comfort'?" Boy was I wrong! The message was about being members of the "Cult of Comfort" which our society endorses, and that we are not to be compelled by comfort, but by our love for Christ. There was much food for thought, let me tell you!

While the Women of Faith part was fun (Sandi Patty was incredible as usual, and who knew Nicole C. Mullen has so much energy!) my heart was most blessed by my time with Beth Moore.

On a side note: I think we underestimate the ability of our teens to grasp the things of God. Cassie was as blessed as I and took as many notes. Perhaps the reason so many of our youth are still "babes" in Christ is because we don't offer them anything solid. I'm developing a whole philosophy on church youth ministries, but I'll save it for later.

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Gayle said...

Can I just tell you that my heart is broken because I was supposed to be there. :(
We ended up having our required homeschool meeting this last Saturday so I was unable to attend.
I just knew it would be an amazing blessing! So glad that you were able to make it, though. :)
That must have been a long haul for you! It takes us 2.5 - 3 hours to get there.