Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bloom, no Matter the Circumstance

Roses make me smile. In our current location there are two nice roses bushes growing near the shed. One is pink and the other yellow. They are loaded with blooms, and when the sun bathes them in warmth and light they give off the most wonderful fragrance.

Hidden between the yellow and pink rose bushes is a very scrawny plant that looks like it was a rose bush once upon a time. I don't know why it was even permited to stay in the flower bed. It's ugly and half dead.

But today, today I saw this gorgeous flower blooming on that same bush. I don't notice the plant anymore, I just see the beautiful work of Father God.

I was quick to judge the rose bush as unworthy. It only needed time to show its true colors. Now, I wouldn't dream of uprooting the plant. It should be cultivated, not thrown away.

How quickly do we judge the people around us as being unworthy of our attention and care? Perhaps they are unkempt, unsophisticated, or unlikeable. Perhaps they've made some serious life mistakes. For whatever reason, we somehow think time invested in them is wasted. But Father God sees what lies dormant within each one. He knows that each can rise above their circumstances and bloom. All they need is a chance and some cultivation.


AllisonRhodes said...

Or how often do we judge ourselves as unworthy...

Elysa said...

Beautiful! Reminds me of when you wrote about flowers while living in Bosnia.

LWaits said...

Left my email address on your homeschooler page. Praying for you!