Monday, January 26, 2009

Friends and River Walks

Whew! I thought I'd never get these pictures posted using our dial-up! Here's a glimpse into my life last week and so far this week...

Dear friends came over bringing yummy home-made Mexican food!
(Clockwise: Me, Miss Joyce, Debbie B. and Debbie C. I have a lot of friends name Debbie. :-) )

Last Saturday our community prayer group met. I absolutely love praying with my African American sisters. They bring a fresh new perspective to my life. I think this prayer group is amazing considering we live in Mississippi. ( I want to be like Miss Franklin when I grow up. She is a 77-year old spitfire with tons of spunk!)

Candace and I walked down to the Pearl River which is one of Mississippi's largest rivers. This spot is about a mile from where we're living.

Candace and Zeke.

It was a bit muddier than we anticipated.

I just love this picture of Candace and Zeke!

Cassie was at work when Candace and I last went to the river, so on Monday we traipsed down there again. (Notice the puppy? He followed us home! Even though he was a cutie, I had to take him back where we found him. We just can't handle another animal right now.)

Lots of raccoon tracks!

Yesterday Candace and I went to a friend's house (her name is Debbie too!) and played in her ceramic clay. I made some Christmas ornaments. (Am I good, or what?) Candace made a frog. I'd post some pictures, but I'm getting too frustrated. :-) God bless!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

God's Word to Me

I am so blessed by those who leave words of encouragement to help me and my family through a difficult season of life. Thank you so much!

On Sunday the preacher spoke of Moses and the Burning Bush. A story I've known since childhood. A story that is so familiar it has lost its "punch" (so to speak). Oh, but if God can speak through a burning bush, He can certainly speak through a "punchless" story, now can't He? You can read the entire story in Exodus Chapter 3, but here are the phrases that jumped out at me:

1. The Lord said, "I have seen the misery of my people."

2. "I have heard them crying out."

3. "I am concerned about their suffering."

4. "So I have come down to rescue them."

Before I hopped here this morning to write this post, read this comment from Tammie:

"...but I know this ... you are not beyond God's reach, you are not beyond His hearing, your tears have not escaped His attention, your hurt is not beyond His understanding, and your needs are not beyond His ability to meet."

How's that for confirmation?

God sees.

God hears.

God is concerned.

God will rescue.

End of Story...with a lot of "punch"!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The End is the Beginning

Well, tonight is our last night in the place we've called home for 6 1/2 years. All week we've been packing, sorting, moving things, and making Waste Management earn their money this week. If I weren't so tired and so busy I'd be sad.

We've lived here longer than any other place in our married life. My kids were 14, 11, and 8 when we arrived. Now they are 20, 17, and almost 14. The oldest is in college. The middle child will go to college next year. It is a severe time of change.

A large number of the happy memories I have here involve activities and people from our church. Now those recollections have a bitter twinge to them as people and circumstances didn't turn out as I hoped. I've been disappointed. Wounded. Disoriented. Angry. Discouraged. Devastated. Worried. Heart-broken. All from people I loved and trusted. Sometimes I wonder if this 6 1/2 year section of our life journey was a failure. What did all the energy and love we poured into this ministry amount to? Yet I am reminded once again, because I need to be reminded quite frequently, that it's not about people's love for me or people's devotion to me. It's about my love for them. And I did genuinely love them. I still do, which is why it hurts so much. Perhaps that, above all things, shows I did what God intended me to do. If love betrayed doesn't hurt, it wasn't really love in the first place. Love hurts. Just ask Jesus.

I don't know what the next stage of our journey is, though I feel it has to do with refocusing on Christ, resting, and renewing my strength in Him. We're moving to a temporary location that is in the proverbial "middle of no-where". (I know this is true because there is no high-speed internet there, only dial-up. I'll be forced to come to grips with my internet addiction. *grin*)
Lessons learned:

1. People will fail you.

2. God won't.

3. What is seen is temporary.

4. What is unseen is eternal.

5. Life isn't about what others can or cannot do for me.

6. Life is about having God's love for people, even when it hurts.

7. My world can be shaken, but not destroyed when my hope is in Christ.

I'll be around the internet some, but won't be posting a picture a day like I wanted to.

I pray God's richest blessings on you all. Happy New Year!

~ Drewe Llyn
(P.S. For those who have no clue what I'm talking about you can find out here.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Photo A Day...except when...

My friend Lori over at Just Pure Lovely has joined Project 365 which is simply to take one photo a day for a year. It sounds like a great idea; literal snapshots (or digital shots) of 2009. I can't do Project 365 since it is day five and this is my first photo. Also, I have serious doubts I'll actually remember to take a photo every day. However, I will attempt to post daily except when I forget, when I don't have time, and when the internet is not working.

Here is today's picture:

Here Cassie and Candace are carrying "treasures" from their old rooms into our new (temporary) residence. The forecast was for 70% chance of rain, but we managed to get two loads transferred today.

Bonus shot:

My precious Trio on Christmas Eve.