Monday, January 26, 2009

Friends and River Walks

Whew! I thought I'd never get these pictures posted using our dial-up! Here's a glimpse into my life last week and so far this week...

Dear friends came over bringing yummy home-made Mexican food!
(Clockwise: Me, Miss Joyce, Debbie B. and Debbie C. I have a lot of friends name Debbie. :-) )

Last Saturday our community prayer group met. I absolutely love praying with my African American sisters. They bring a fresh new perspective to my life. I think this prayer group is amazing considering we live in Mississippi. ( I want to be like Miss Franklin when I grow up. She is a 77-year old spitfire with tons of spunk!)

Candace and I walked down to the Pearl River which is one of Mississippi's largest rivers. This spot is about a mile from where we're living.

Candace and Zeke.

It was a bit muddier than we anticipated.

I just love this picture of Candace and Zeke!

Cassie was at work when Candace and I last went to the river, so on Monday we traipsed down there again. (Notice the puppy? He followed us home! Even though he was a cutie, I had to take him back where we found him. We just can't handle another animal right now.)

Lots of raccoon tracks!

Yesterday Candace and I went to a friend's house (her name is Debbie too!) and played in her ceramic clay. I made some Christmas ornaments. (Am I good, or what?) Candace made a frog. I'd post some pictures, but I'm getting too frustrated. :-) God bless!


Tammie @ Are You For Real? said...

I'm so glad you have such a sweet circle of friends ... including your very diverse prayer group. What a blessing!

The raccoon prints are SO cute, but the girlly prints make me think I'm SO glad I wasn't the one who had to clean her shoes!

Ashley said...

Love the pictures! :)

Rhonda Jeanne said...

I see my sweet friend Miss Mary Franklin in your picture! Smooch her for me next time you see her and tell Wyatt and Rhonda send blessings her way!