Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Facing the Giants

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Ok, so our family is a little behind the times as I'm sure we were the last people to see Facing the Giants. I had heard the story was good but the acting was bad; I also knew it was another one of those underdog-makes-good movies (which seem to be in abundance). For those reasons I didn't race to the theater or the video store. I figured I'd get around to watching it eventually. Well, eventually came last night and now I feel the need to throw my thoughts into the movie critic arena.

I seriously doubt any of the actors will receive Academy Award nominations, and it was another underdog-makes-good movie. However, as Cassie put it, "The acting isn't very good, but by the end of the movie you don't really care because the story is so good." How true! And while it may be another "Cinderella" kind of story, it is unlike any you've ever seen before. When things go bad, God gets the glory. When things turn around and start going well, God gets the credit and the glory. (You just won't find that in a Disney movie!) The movie's message is clearly "With God all things are Possible", and by the end your faith is reaffirmed and you have confidence that God can indeed do anything. So, while the story may be fiction, the God Facing the Giants honors is real and intimately active in the lives of His children.

I think one of the most important characters in the story is the gentleman who walks the halls every week praying over the kids' lockers asking God to raise up a generation that loves Him. His prayers seem to be the catalyst for all the miracles to come. (Hmm? I wonder what would happen if we diligently prayed for our youth that way and that consistently....)

~ Drewe Llyn

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