Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Hubby Update

Let me thank everyone for their continued prayers on behalf of Raymond and me. It is 6:02 PM. We've been home about 45 minutes. Raymond had restful night's sleep due to a sleeping pill. (I didn't get a sleeping pill, so my sleep left lots to be desired.) He went for a stress test at 11:25. He made it through the test fine. We had to wait several hours to receive news that the test was normal. Then we waited a little longer for the doctor to come see us. What he said is this: "The stress test was normal which means we will discharge you as low risk, not "no risk" for a heart attack. Just because it is normal doesn't mean all your arteries are clear. There could be the beginnings of blockage. I want you to see a cardiologist within the week." Raymond is experience some minor pains, but nothing close to the severity of Saturday night. While I'm extremely grateful to know he didn't have a heart attack and that his tests look good, both of us are still wondering what happened Saturday night and what caused it. Pain like that just isn't normal. So, I'd like to ask you to ask God to lead us to the doctor(s) Raymond needs to see and to give wisdom so we can get to the root of this.
God bless!
Drewe Llyn

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