Monday, September 1, 2008

Waiting for Gustav

Three years ago, when Katrina came through, we were without electricity for 6 days. We had made a few preparations, but were totally unprepared for 6 no-electric days. Ice became a precious commodity as did friends with hot water heaters powered by gas. Generators and gasoline were in high demand, and water was more precious that silver. We won't be caught unprepared again.

As Gustav brewed in the Gulf, we moved into action:
  • My husband bought a generator.
  • All our cars and gas cans are filled.
  • We froze a gallon of tea and lots of two liter water bottles.
  • My mother-in-law brought 48 Diet Cokes (her drink of choice) and 36 Dr. Peppers (my husband and kids' drink of choice).
  • We have 48 frozen bottles of water.
  • The ice chests are full of sandwich meat, hot dogs, milk, and already cooked ground beef. (We have a grill with an eye.)
  • My cabinets are full of canned soup, vienna sausage, chips, cookies, trail mix, and home-made granola.
It's 3:24PM and our electricity is still on. (Of course it could still go sometimes goes off on sunny days.) I'm not complaining...I love air-conditioning! It's just strange. We've been watching Gustav reports all day. And if that isn't enough to entertain, we have four animals in the house! We normally have an inside dog (Zeke) and an indoor/outdoor cat (Shadows). My mother-in-law lives much closer to the coast than we do so she came to stay with us. She brought her dog (Sammie). Candace has been convinced all day that our outside cat (Oliver) was scared and should come. Somehow she pursuaded her father to allow him in too. Now, Zeke and Shadows play together, and Oliver and Sammie play together. Sometimes Zeke will play with Sammie, but mostly thinks Sammie is a bother. Shadows would prefer that everyone just leave him alone. I tried to get a picture of the menagerie. You can tell it isn't one big happy family. LOL!

From left to right...Sammie, Oliver, and Zeke...Shadows is in the background wishing everyone would go away.

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