Friday, September 5, 2008

Your Father Knows What You Need

Today is Friday which means two things: We're going to the park with our fellow homeschoolers, and we're going to Wal-mart with the rest of the world. (That's just what we do on Fridays.) At the top of my shopping list was "walking shoes". The ones I've walked in for several years literally fell apart. My back-up shoes didn't offer the support my feet needed and they left blisters on my heels. I desperately needed some new shoes.

Until cooler weather returns we go to the park first. (Unless we're trying to beat the crowd preparing for impending hurricanes.) Today Candace and I arrived at the park just after my friend Dawn. She waited for me to catch up. She said, "Do you know anyone who needs a pair of shoes?" And she held up a pair of gently used Sketchers in my size! She said they had been sitting on her daughter's shelf for two years waiting for her to grow into them. The problem was, her daughter grew in and out of them before they realized it. Dawn brought them to the park in an off-chance someone could use them before she donated them to Goodwill. I said, "I'll take them." Right then Matthew 6:8 came to mind:

"...your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."

Before I knew I needed new shoes, my Heavenly Father knew and had them waiting even two years in advance.

Why do I worry about so many things when I'm in His loving hands?

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