Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Adventure Continues

The great mouse adventure was kind of fun. Today's adventure not so much. On our morning walk, as Cassie and I approached the infamous "coon" trash bin, our dog Sam rushed ahead to the bin and began barking again. The lid was still up, so Cassie and I figured the coons were long gone. (They were.) We decided we should shut the lid since we had opened it the day before. As we turned to do that I stumbled on Cassie's heel and tumbled to the ground. It was slow-motion but I was powerless to stop it. OUCH! My left knee is scraped and bloody, my right knee has just a little scratch, but I can tell it will soon be very black and blue, and my right hand has a small but very painfull scrape. I know my entire body will be sore this evening and tomorrow.
I think I'd rather chase a mouse. *sigh*


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Goodness gracious!! Hope you do better today!!

Just Pure Lovely said...

I'll be thinking of you while Gustave decides where he'll go. None of the forecasts look good for you all.. :(

Will be eager to see how you all fare through it! Glad you have those Oreos for a bit of comfort.