Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday in Baltimore

I really wish I could upload pictures from my camera while here because my Mississippi friends would find the row houses here very interesting. I haven't mentioned our facilities much except to say we are staying in various Sunday school rooms in the church building. There is a men's room with one stall and a ladies' with two. There is a separate shower which measures about three feet across. Next door, but also church property, is a connected beautiful row house which measures about 12 feet across. (No joking!) It is 40 or 50 feet deep and three stories high. A house like that sells for $300 - $400 thousand!!!!! There is a single shower on the second and third floors. You can see where it makes for interesting logistics to take care of 8 women and three men. (Two of our members are staying in a nearby hotel.) Even though today's activities were to begin a little later, we still had folks up and at it taking showers at 5:00 pm!

We were scheduled to cook for the Senior Citizen Luncheon/Health Fair today, but the man who usually cooks for the Seniors insisted on cooking for all of us, and we let him. LOL! We did sing for those in attendance and the two nurses on our team took blood pressure readings, did diabetes screenings, and passed out information.

After lunch, our scheduled preschool activity was postponed due to the threat of rain. Our back-up plan was to go back to Helping UP Mission to help unload a truck. When we arrived at Helping Up the truck wasn't there yet. My husband told the man in charge some of our men would come back later to unload. Since everything on our afternoon agenda fell through some of us went to Barnes and Nobles. (I know, I know, suffering for Jesus, but someone has to do it. :-))

Evening activities included preparing for supper and turning the fellowship hall into a make-shift coffee house where the two summer missionaries hosted open mic night. It was lots of fun. My daughters clogged to two songs, and our guitarist played and sang a song he wrote. Then we had a time of just hanging out.

On Thursday we will be helping another church with their new church plant, so that pastor (Roger Kim) and several of his members (all students or graduates from MICA Maryland Institude for Creative Arts) making them all creative geniuses. They were all on fire for Jesus and quite energetic. I look forward that adventure.

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