Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pictures of the Snow!

It's been such a great day. Words can't describe the joyful feeling I get from watching snow fall. My girls and I enjoyed it immensely. The electricity went out which only added to the festive feeling since we could sit around enjoying the fire. We drank hot cocoa and will soon bake snowflake shaped sugar cookies. (Now that the power is back on.) Here are some snapshots of "our" winter wonderland:

Our backyard as the snow started.

Our backyard a little later.

No hanging out clothes today!

Our front yard after it had snowed a while.

Candace captured this cardinal.

I loved watching the birds come to the feeder.

Candace had a friend come over. We took a little excursion.

Candace trying to get me with a snowball. Her friend is smart and took off a little farther.

We stopped by the community cemetery.

Our dog Sam had to be included.

It was a beautiful day!


Tammie @ Are You For Real? said...

Oh WOW! It really was beautiful at your house. We had about four and a half hours of snow, but no accumulation on the ground. Still it was a wonderful day. It was the first snow McKenzie has seen at home, and she had a ball with it ... she played in the snow and ate snow flakes and made a lovely memory to last a lifetime!

KarenW said...

Beautiful! Seems like it's snowing everywhere but here. Enjoy!

Just Pure Lovely said...

Oh, I sure wish that snow would have come here, too. It peetered out right on the MS-AL edge, I think. Doggone it! We haven't seen a snow in 4 years here. :(