Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Scenes

Just sharing some scenes of Christmas around our house:

Here are the snowflake cookies we baked celebrating the first snow of the season. (But not of the year! Two snowfalls in one year in Mississippi! Who'd have thought it!)

Oliver LOVES the tree skirt that sports handprints of my kids through the years.

My two favorite girls in the whole world in front of our "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree!

Remember how to make the origami stars I posted several days ago? (If you don't, click here.) Well, yesterday I made some out of the Sunday comics. Even my girls think these are cute. (Be extra careful if you make these out of comics, the paper is thinner and more prone to tear.)

More scenes later!


Tammie @ Are You For Real? said...

Snowflake cookies for a snowy day? What a good mom you are!

Kristen said...

The snowflake cookies were adorable! I think the comic oragami was adorable as well! I love them! :-) miss y'all!! God bless!