Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Words

We've exhausted the English language trying to describe Your indescribable mercy, love, and grace. We use words like "awesome", "incredible", "marvelous", "wonderful", "overwhelming" in an attempt to put what You have done for us into words. Our vocabularies just aren't big enough. Our attempts at description are feeble. Our efforts just overuse those few really great words leaving us speechless and inadequate and, I hate to confess, not as in awe of You as we should be. We've heard those descriptions time and again so that they have lost their punch so to speak. Phrases like "Amazing grace how sweet the sound" are no less true, they've just become so easy to say without any emotion at all. What a tragedy! Please, Lord, take these words - they are all we have - and give them meaning again. Refreshen our faith. Give us a glimpse of Your splendor. Waken Your sleeping church from her apathy. Pierce our hearts with the magnitude of Your sacrifice and the power of Your resurrection. May we be truly overwhelmed by Your love for us.
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