Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thy Kingdom Come?

I cheated. The new series I started teaching in Sunday School isn’t new at all. It’s an old series based on the Lord’s Prayer I used with another class several years ago. Simple, easy, and not too controversial. Seemed a perfect choice, I mean, who doesn’t want to know how to pray as Jesus did? But…

After a closer look and an encounter with a blog on human trafficking I now wonder who really wants to pray as Jesus did.

Originally my take on “Thy Kingdom Come” was one of submission…submission to God’s authority based on the submission of Christ (Philippians 2:5-11) Today I’m looking at it from a whole new perspective….

“Thy Kingdom Come” isn’t just our submitting to God’s authority; it is inviting Him into our world and our lives. Do we really want to? Sure, we want our loved ones healed, safe, sober, and out of jail. We may even want God’s help in making wise decisions, finding the best parking spot, or providing our needs. But do we REALLY want God’s will? Do we REALLY want His kingdom to come?

What if His will and His kingdom requires leaving our comfort zone? (It probably will.)
What if it means giving of our time, energy, and money until it hurts? (It usually does.)
What if it means giving up our desire to be healed, be safe, or be comfortable? (It’s a real possibility.)

You see, as much as God loves us, His highest goal is not our happiness nor prosperity. His highest goal is our rescue from hell and hell’s influence; not only ours, but that of the world. (Because as bad as it is, Satan’s abode is worse.)

When we pray “Thy Kingdom Come” we’re really saying, “Lord, use me to bring the world to You…whatever it takes.” I guess it is a prayer of submission after all. That’s what Jesus did, and it took Him to Calvary.

Are we REALLY ready to pray that?

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