Friday, August 27, 2010

My Poor, Neglected Blog

To all my friends both far and near
Who take the time to stop by here,
I know my blog has been neglected,
over looked, and not inspected.
I'm facing every bloggers fear,
(It makes me want to shed a tear.)
Though I live near Wal-mart and Cups,
Our internet is only dial-up.

(Ok, so that was a spur of the moment poetry attempt, but you get the picture. Our internet is SLOW, and it's pulling me down. I hope to do better as I really, really enjoy blogging. I actually have a post or two in the works!)

Be blessed!


Artsdeco said...

wallpapers for blogger :

Kristi said...

The best poetry is spur of the moment. LOL

I get caught up in other things sometimes and don't get a chance to blog. But I do enjoy it!

You have a great blog here.


Dawn said...

Stopping by your blog on my way to see how hard it will be to start my own on this site. . .and no new posts!! :-( Hurry up! (Dawn)