Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Gift of Water

When my oldest child was just a baby, those starving children in Africa suddenly became more than a blur of faces. They became someone's beloved child, and I thought, "Why does my child have clean water to drink and some don't? Don't all children deserve clean water?" But I never really knew what I could do (Now especially with our current life situation.) But there is something I can do and so can you. It's called Blood: Water Mission. Here's a quote from their site:

By giving up what you’d normally drink in exchange for the water from your tap you can save that money to help build clean water projects for African communities in need.So ditch the morning coffee and o.j., leave out the lunchtime soda, and cancel the evening beverage. You won’t need an ark for this 40 Days of Water, but you will need a little self-discipline. But we know you can do it, because you know who you’re doing it for. Make the choice.

I figure my daily cappuccino (bought from Wal-mart) costs approximately $.50. Every day I skip it, I'll put $.50 in my special cappuccino cup. Can't we all give the gift of clean water? Especially those of us who claim to serve The Living Water?

Click on the site link for donation information.

(Having children makes you see things differently. Here's a poem I wrote when Kyle was small.)


I see faces of the starving children
Victims of their country’s war.
Faces of the down and out
Whose families have a home no more.
Faces of the frightened children
Violence lurks outside their home.
Faces of the orphan children
who have to meet this world alone.
Faces of the suffering children
Bodies wracked by sickness, pain.
All the children of the world
Who’ve never heard of Jesus’ name.

Though once these barely caught my eye;
Now they make my spirit groan.
My heart’s been soften by the faces
Of the children that are my own.
And though my own are safe and sound,
There but for God’s grace go we.
And in the faces of my children
I see the world much differently.

(C) Drewe Llyn Jeffcoat 1989

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