Monday, June 18, 2007

Why am I doing this?

Oh, yeah, it's because I love blackberry jelly!

My back hurts.

I'm sore all over.

My hands, arms, and legs are covered with scratches.

I must be crazy.

I guess I am...crazy about blackberry jelly! About a month ago my dad gave me a gallon of beautiful blackberries. Since I'm not crazy about plain blackberries, I decided to make jelly out of them. All I can say is, "AWESOME!" My kids and I can't get enough of that stuff. A friend of mine has quite a few bushes growing on her pond dam, so the girls and I picked another 5 quarts. When I discovered that blackberries added to homemade smoothies are the bomb (an exclaimation of delight used by today's generation), I knew I didn't have enough in my freezer. DD12 and I picked another gallon today. I made these into jelly, six pints to be exact. Now I'm in the process of making homemade bagels to go with it. (Thanks for that recipe, Jimmie! It's the bomb too!)

(Note: These pictures weren't taken today, though they were taken at my house of my goodies.)

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Gayle said...

Hey girl! So do you post the same at both places? I thought about doing that, too. Hmmmm...
I know one thing is for sure, I won't be closing my acct. with HSB. I love it there, it just seems like everyone is leaving. :(